Why do I go from thinking I'm very good looking to very ugly?


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Being a teen, this will go through your mind a lot. Best thing to do is have confidence in yourself and not worry about it ! Worrying about it will just make things worse. Be confident and be yourself and a good person and you'll always be good looking !

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Lack of confidence. Don't worry about it. Like the rest of us you are probably average. More or less.

I used to work with a Japanese woman who was undoubtedly the ugliest woman I ever met. Until she smiled -- which she did often. She had the happiest, friendliest smile I've ever seen. If you work on your personality people will see you with much more generous eyes.

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Thanks :)
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I've also met people like that, usually women, who were either not at all attractive or just un-noted, until they smiled. Then you wondered why you thought they were unattractive.
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They're remarkable!

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