How can I treat my acne?


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Make a Doctors Appt. And see him/her for advice. They may send you to a Dermatologist and that's the best thing to do. Instead of going out and buying store products, see your Doctor first.

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Some have also found that by taking care of their overall health—getting plenty of exercise, being out in the fresh air as much as possible, and getting enough sleep—their acne condition improves. And while the benefits of maintaining a fat-free diet are debated by some, avoiding junk food, as well as eating a balanced diet, obviously makes sense.

  In any event, patience is a must. Remember: The problem built up over quite a period of time, so it will not clear up overnight. By sticking to your treatment over a period of time, you may experience some relief.

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wash your face.

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Richie! As you might know acne is the result of excess sebum and bacteria on
the skin. While you cannot really stop the secretion of oil, you can do your
best to avoid contact with infected surfaces and so on! Do not touch the
affected area, wash your face with antibacterial soap two or three times a day
and always use clean towels, pillow cases and sheets. Good luck!

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clean your surroundings. A clean environment will help prevent more acne. And to get rid of it it is better to ask a dermatologist. Because Remedies that is effective to someone may not be effective for you. Based on what I know Different skin types may effect the effectiveness of the product.

Consult the experts. Good luck and God bless you :)

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