Why do I feel shy in front of the people I adore? I can't even make eye contact


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Jann Nikka answered

Not everyone is outgoing. Embrace your shyness and be happy.

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Maybe you actually care about what they think?

I know in my case that's true. When I adore someone their opinions and thoughts mean a lot to me, that makes me vulnerable, thus making me shy.

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Megan goodgirl answered

That's alright if you feel that way. Everybody is different.

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Matt Radiance answered

This is who you are as everybody else suggested, you can just embrace who you are. We are not meant to be the same.

Surely, when you adore them, you would want to communicate with them briefly. But this shyness could disturb you. If you felt pressurized by this shyness. The first thing you must do is to ask yourself what is the reason behind the shyness. What's causing you to feel this. Are you afraid to be judged? Are you feeling anxiety what if you say something wrong? Are you overthinking about what if they don't adore you back or don't appreciate your words? Dig within your emotions. Overcome the feeling, stand and face it. It'll be hard for the first tries. But step by step when you push it forward you'll be amazed how much progress you can make and you'll feel better about yourself. Just be patient and do not rush it.

Never forget "Shyness" is part of human nature. It happens to a lot of people. So you do not have a problem. It is just a trait and if this started to bother you. Seeking the core of your feelings and also breathing techniques available out there can help you to overcome this feeling.

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