I Have A Pituitary Cyst I Have Sick Headache All The Time, Nausea And Right Eye Vision Problems And Now I Can't Even Ride In A Car It Makes Me So Sick, What Should I Do?


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First of all be sure that it is pituitary cyst not tumor. Both cyst and tumor can cause headache ad nausea. If the cyst or tumor are of large size and press the optic chiasm the the vision problems appear. For pituitary cyst no medical treatment is available. The best treatment option is surgery. So discuss this surgery with neuro surgeon. The pituitary tumor can be removed by radiation or surgery. For more details, visit Pituitary Cyst.
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The herb vitex is recommended by Chinese physicians for the symptoms of eye pain, blurriness, headache.
It has also had success with the treatment of equestrian cushings which is related to pituitary adenoma, which may be what you have.
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You need to go o the hospital emergancy room and be seen.this could be a bigger picture then what you think. Hope you get better!!!

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