What is Epilepsy?
choose which ever you want- Epilepsy should not be considered a stigmata in the society. People with epilepsy can lead a very normal life with regular medications,
proper sleep and avoiding overindulgence of alcohol.


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Ray Dart answered

A couple of things.

Understand the difference between stigma and stigmata before you use either word.

Understand the use of the definite article in common English.

Don't spam.

That was three things, sorry.

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Epilepsy is a term that covers a variety of basic conditions. All of these conditions, however, have a dominant symptom in common: Recurrent seizures. In some persons the electrical activity of the brain becomes disrupted temporarily, and faulty messages are flashed to the body’s action centers. This results in an epileptic seizure. But the disturbance in the brain, sometimes called a “storm,” soon passes, and the seizure ends. A healthful mental outlook and style of living is vital. The fears, frustrations and anxieties that can provoke seizures need to be alleviated. And the best medicine for this is LOVE. An epileptic needs to feel wanted and that others truly care for him.

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