How come I can't stay frozen like not moving at all. I always move alittle bit. And yes I do have fatigue. But I don t think that's the reason? Is it another problem with me?


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Some people fidget. It's not really a health problem unless it is excessive.

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I agree with Perry, if you're not sleeping enough, your muscles will twitch and you'll feel off-balanced.

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Low potassium, dehydration, lack of sleep can all lead to involuntary muscle movement. So eat right, drink plenty of water and get enough sleep.

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Sounds like panic attacks to me.... Have you told your doctor about this?

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Yin And Yang
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My friend, you need to request a new doctor then. Your doctor who takes care of your mental health is vital to having your trust. You have to be able to trust him. You have the right to request a different doctor especially if you feel this one is not hearing you.
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But he's a school doctor and I can't switch him because i Go to a specific school only with kids with mental illnesses. But he listens to my parents but they don't take it seriously.
Yin And Yang
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I am so sorry. That is tough. 😔
It's very important to have a strong support group when you have mental health issues.

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