I Have Been Having Muscle Spasms And Cramping In My Legs And Arms At Night, It Wakes Me Up Then I Am Tired All Day. I Have Been Told By Many People I Do Not Sleep Like A Normal Person. All Over The Place, Kicking And Moving All Night. Is There Anything Wrong?


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I'm sorry it has been as long as 2 months to get an answer. But it sounds like this has been an ongoing issue for you. I am thinking of a couple of different things, but they could possibly go together to create this problem.

Muscle spasms and cramping muscles can be a deficiency of some kind. For me, my doctor found through blood tests that I was low on Potassium. For me this caused leg aches and cramps, and some other types as well. The over the counter type of potassium won't help. You would need a prescription level, which is enormously higher. But, it could be some other deficiency, and the only way to find that out is to have a doctor prescribe the wide ranging blood test to find out if you are low in something.

The tossing and turning can be a sleep problem. Many people have this type of sleep problem, actually, so you are not abnormal. Again, a doctor is your answer here. Many doctors have reason to send their patients to "sleep clinics" to determine various problems. These clinics were not formerly as accessible as they are now. But this problem may be alleviated by dealing with a deficiency in your system.

If it were me, I would absolutely go see a doctor and if he/she doesn't know, ask to be referred to a specialist. Don't be concerned about asking your doctor for specific things like the blood test. Some doctors will be very helpful and recognize the need to do a thorough work-up on you. If your doctor doesn't seem that way, find another doctor. I know that the ease of doing this depends upon where you live, your insurance, etc. But you can honestly wear yourself out, if you do not have proper restful sleep. I wish you the best in this.

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