How can I stop worrying?


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I worry alot myself on this social security check every month. Maybe read a book find a hobby get a pet like i have motormouth but then i worry about her. I dont have the answer

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Take to heart Jesus' words in Matthew 6:34. In other words, handle each problem as it arises, and do worry unduly about the future.

Of course, it is not wrong to think about a problem and take practical and suitable steps to solve it, if possible. But, after we have done what we can respecting the matter, worry will achieve nothing more and can never take the place of prayer.

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Start Travelling. Maybe it will help.

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Joyce Hall answered

I have a worry problem. I also believe in Jesus with all I have.

Have u ever heard 'The Lord helps those that help themselves'?

Its true Jesus can and does help some for a reason we don't know. He is allowed to keep that to Himself.

Ok. Constant worrying can b part of anxiety. It is for me. I'm not trying to say u have anxiety but there is definitley something there. Start with your Dr and see what he/she reccpmends. They r trained for this. They can at least get u started.

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Call me Z answered

You more than likely take some things too seriously. Don’t waste your time fussing over things you can’t change.

Find another outlet for your energies, something constructive, something you enjoy.

You could pawn your concerns off onto a divine figure of your choosing, it may help shed the dead weight of persistently negative thoughts. We infidels call this the “Placebo Effect”.

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PJ Stein answered

I can't help you. I think it has to do with the environment in which someone is raised. I was taught, and still believe, it is time and energy wasted. You can put it all in worrying what might happen, or you can enjoy what is actually happening. 

Yes, save for your future and for an emergency fund. But other than that, don't do stupid things and enjoy life. No one lays on their deathbed saying they wished they worried more. They do say they wish they did the things they wanted to do more. I am trying not to be one of those people. 

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If you are constantly experiencing anxiety, it can be a sign of a nervous breakdown. This condition is treated with MJ. I recently discovered a new hobby and grow cannabis in seedling pots. It's so interesting. Maybe some of you will need tips for growing gorilla glue cannabis.

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