Hello. I know this is stupid, but is my penis normal? I am 14 (although a bit more mature than that, deep voice, 6 feet tall, quite a bit of facial hair etc). My penis is about 5.4-5.8 inches or so. Is this a normal size for someone of my maturity?


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Willie B. good answered

That's just gross!!!! What do you do sit around measuring yourself? You may think you're mature but that's the kind of question a little boy would ask. Oh and you're right this is an extremely stupid question to  ask.

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You are average. Google it.

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You're only 14 and six foot tall? You've got alot of growing to do yet, your body keeps on growing and developing until your 21 or more.

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I think your wrong for asking such a question on here. There is respectable people on here we don't want here about your private parts we are here to listen to legit people asking legit questions you need to grow a pair and grow up keep this stuff off of this site and grow up please.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Hey, people, I'm described occasionally as "honorable man"---and that probably means I'm considered respectable as well.

Why is it so difficult to "listen" to an anatomical description of a 14 year old male who is going through puberty and who is asking if he's proceeding at normal development and to answer neutrally?

If he googled it, he would have found a simple answer that he is within one standard deviation of normal.

I will admit that constant questions of this nature would probably cause me to attempt to "shut him down," but I am inclined to cut him some slack at the moment.
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
I personally find it inappropriate to have such a discussion with a child over the internet.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
So what general principle do you cite to "anonymous" to help him understand why you find his question "inappropriate."

14 year olds are looking for adult guidance. Here's your chance to make a positive contribution to his understanding of why you find it inappropriate.

Or are you just saying you don't want to see any questions about penises on this site?

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