Hi, lately, I started to seriously worry about my safety. By this, I decided to insure myself and buy weapons. But for this I need a license. Someone knows where I can buy a license?


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Ray Dart answered

Hey it's the Destra and Jeck Spam duo.

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Willie B. good answered

Why do you even bother? You don't think that everyone on this site knows you're nothing but a troll spewing spam out of your as$, take your spam and get lost you're not wanted here.

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Darren Wolfgang answered

I'd be careful coming online looking for license to buy weapons. If you feel your life is in endanger than you need to report it to your local police also what happens if the local police are on this site and monitoring what your requesting it could spell trouble ?

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I really understand you, now you need to take care of your safety. I can help you. I purchased my license in the company ffltrust. There, after you pass all the checks, you will be able to get a license, so try to go there. I think they can help you there.

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