Since I've Finished University, I've Been Feeling Depressed With No Sense Of Direction In Life. Why Is This?


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You are having a natural and not unusual reaction to having finished full time education.      You won't be alone in feeling like this.You've gone through a rite of passage in a sense. You've finished the journey through your education which started when you were perhaps 5 or 6 and life will never be the same. However you've got the chance to really enjoy a lot of challenges out in the world, although the relatively safe environment of the world of school and university has gone and that's perhaps why you fell low now.
Don't despair - life will look up as you make your way into a career and make newfriends. We all feel this way sometimes, especially when we enter  a new phase in our lives.
If you really enjoyed studying perhaps you will consider a post- graduate course?
Things will adjust for you and life will be as good again once you decide what to do and make new friends whilst still keeping in touch with your university friends who can remain friends for ever. Why not suggest a re-union and have a party you might wonder what you're really missing now you've been waay from them for a while!
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Many people feel this way after leaving university, because it means that they will have to leave their student life behind and go out to find work.

You probably feel like you have no sense of direction because you were so used to your course and having all the work laid out for you, and now you have to seek the work yourself.

You're used to hanging out with friends and going out and living the student life, and the realisation that you have to leave this behind and focus on getting some real work is probably depressing you. Also, if you have a student loan, then perhaps it is playing on your mind about paying it back.

It can be hard for graduates to find work after finishing university, depending on what subject you have taken. Perhaps compiling a CV and sending it to as many relevant companies as you can will help you to find work.

Also, if you try to keep in touch with the friends that you have made at university, then you may not feel as depressed. Meet up with them at least once a week if you can, and perhaps you can discuss how successful each of you have been in finding work and how your lives are progressing.

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