What Effect Does Sight Have On Taste?


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When we want to eat something, it is not only our taste buds through which we analyze the food. We also use our olfactory and visual senses to analyze the food and judge if it will taste good or not. It was initially a response from humans to judge the suitability of food they were about to consume. On the evolutionary ladder, we must have stayed away from slimy looking grubs which are also harmful or poisonous for you. Some organisms use this very fact to attract prey. Bright butterflies are often poisonous to birds. However, their bright color attracts more birds.

Anyway, suppose we are shown two things: A lumpy meat loaf at school or a sumptuous chocolate cake, smothered in chocolate fudge and decorated with some whipped cream. Our eyes send a signal to our brain which registers which one would be tastier. That is why chefs at restaurants go to so many pains to make the presentation of their food attractive.

Besides that, sight also helps to prepare our taste buds. When you look at the cake, your brain already knows that it is going to taste sweet. So that when you taste the cake your taste buds are prepared to taste sweet. If it tastes different than what you expect, you are repulsed and that causes you to reject the food.

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