What Could Possibly Cause Throat Pain Accompanied With The Taste Of Blood After A Cough?


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Melissa Hite answered
Sounds just like what I was going threw It was strep Throat. Good luck
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Brittany Smith answered
Perhaps you have scrapped the inside lining... You may want to call a local hospital and tell them and see what they can tell you is wrong
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Faye Williams
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brika, tried that. I've even had that horrible scope down the throat! And they found nothing. It's so frustating. Thanks anyway!!
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Fred Jones answered
Ulcers could cause this as well. But if you were scoped then probably not. Maybe the mix of stomach acids are making it taste of blood. Acid reflux or something of the sort.
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Faye Williams
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Forgive my ignorance, but would the ulcer be in my stomach lining, or possibly in the throat? I do know that acid reflux can cause major damage. Didn't think of that. Thanks!
Denis Taylor
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Acid reflux would be my guess. I have it...it affects a lot of body parts.
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Erin Campion answered
You might just have riped a little bit of skin in your throat when you coughed it doesn't hurt you really
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carlene welch answered
It sounds like a serious strep throat which can only get worse without antibiotics it can spread to other parts of the body and is contagious to others the blood could be coming from the raw throat. It also could be coming from your lungs which could be pneumonia both are curable so get to a Doctor don't put it off!..Genaveve

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