Can Achilies Tendons Heal Themselves?


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All tendons have a limited self-healing capacity. However, this depends on a large number of factors, primarily the extent of the injury, the type of tendon, the blood supply to the tendon, and the location of the tendon. In the case of the Achilles tendon, the blood supply is somewhat atypical, and this is one reason why the tendon can heal itself only to a limited extent, that too not always.    When the damage is microscopic, there is the possibility of the Achilles healing itself. Adequate amounts of rest to the injured area, coupled with limited exercising, are usually the solution for such tears. However, as mentioned earlier, the atypical blood flow can be a limiting factor to self healing. Usually, a bruised body part needs proper circulation to heal. This may not be possible in the case of the Achilles tendon.    A minor injury to this specific tendon can be handled by rest, symptomatic management, and physiotherapy, i.e., exercising of the injured part. However, that does not take care of the rest of the tendon, and can only be a stop-gap solution. In the case of Achilles tendon injuries, it is always better to look at long-term solutions, such as surgery, which provide numerous benefits over non surgical measures, including an earlier return to normalcy.
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The achilies tendon is a large tendon that connects the heel to the muscles of your calf in particular. There was a very famous mythic hero who had been killed due to an injury on this spot. This is how the disease gets its name. If you have a 1 cm biceps tendon, you tend to have a greater potential for the muscle mass that is more than a person with a longer tendon. They are mainly composed of water, cells that are called as tenocytes and type-I collagen. They are very similar to the ligaments.

These muscles work together and have a tendency to only exert a pulling force. These recover with the help of Doctor's consultancy. You might have to take certain precautions. You normally get the pains after recovery at the time of season change but that also vanishes if you take proper precautions.

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