What Are The Different Types Of Hernia?


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A hernia is a condition in which body tissues or organs protrude from a weakened part of the surrounding muscular lining; the condition, arising due to reasons like the weakening of the muscular lining with age, a natural opening in the lining for passage of blood vessels or due to strenuous activity, usually occurs in the abdominal cavity.

The different types of hernia are named according to the specific body part in which they develop. The most commonly occurring hernia is Inguinal hernia which appears in the groin region and is characterized by the weakening of the abdominal muscle over the inguinal canal resulting in the descent of a part of the intestines in the groin region; it is generally more common in men with the causes being activities like weight lifting, obesity, or straining to pass stool.

Femoral hernia occurs in the part where the legs meet the torso, arising due to the pressure of abdominal tissue at the spot where the femoral artery passes in to the thighs; it is more common in women and may arise after pregnancy.

The Umbilical hernia arises in the region around the navel, and may be seen in small children and babies the cause being improper closure of the abdominal wall while in case of adults obesity is the main reason.

Incisional hernia occurs after surgical procedures where the tissues fail to strengthen leading to weak areas while hiatus hernia arises due to the weakening of the diaphragm muscle at the spot where the esophagus passes in to the abdomen resulting in protrusion of part of the stomach in the lower chest region, a condition which may lead to backing up of stomach acids known as heartburn.

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