Can A Tapeworm Come Out Of A Human Anus And Go Into A Human Anus?


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Many people have contracted tape worm, my brother when he was real little contrated it by eating some sand.  Wouldn't you know it, there is where he got it, in a sandbox.  Many people allow their dogs to use the sandbox at playgrounds for them to go, and this is how it is often transmitted.  There used to be a public service announcement, I wish they would run it again, warning of this, but the good old public services just assumme that everyone stoops and scoops, which of course is not the case.  The public needs to be reminded of such dangers.  Itchy anus is one of the primary indicators and if left untreated, it is horrible the consequences.  Therefore, if you should suspect of a person having this, get them to a doctor asap
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jackie answered
Generally it doesnt go in to the annus. Tapeworm is a parisite that attatces it self to things and food. Yes fooed you eat. If you don't wash food off or prepare it properlythen you can get them. Yes it can come out of your  annaus either in bowel movements or not. But you wand them to move out because they will start feeding on the food in your dygestive system. If you think you have them  call you dr they can give you strong medsto kill them

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