How Do You Detect Breast Cancer On A Sonogram?


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Sonography or Medical Ultra sonography is based on ultra-sound imaging. It is used to observe muscles and also internal organs. The organ size, structure and lesions if present could be observed using sonographic techniques. Breast cancer is lump present in the tissues of breasts. Sonography is used to detect breast cancer along with mammography. For sonography, they apply a water-based gel over the breasts. Then, they move a probe (transducer) that is held in hand. The gel couples the ultrasound between this probe and the soft muscle tissue to be detected.

The Sonography for breasts is carried out at a higher frequency of 7 to 15 MHz. the sound waves enter the breast and then bounce back. The picture is produced by the pattern of the echoes produced. The image gives the clear picture whether the lump in detected through mammography is fluid filled (non-cancerous) or solid (cancerous).
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I had a breast ultrasound today,,but the technician asked me to do a mmmmmmm sound with my lips while examining around the nipple of my right breast,,I am worried why she did that ,,is it because she found something?

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