What Do Breast Tumours Look Like On A Sonogram?


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If breast cancer or tumours are detected at an early stage of the breast cancer or tumour, it usually does not cause pain. When the cancer or tumour first builds up in the breasts, there may not be any symptoms of the breast cancer or the tumour at all. A tumour may look like a small lump in the sonogram, but if you have any doubts or find even a small change, which could be an increase in the size of the cancerous lump or the tumour, you have to immediately consult your family physician, who may forward your case to a specialist.

You have to immediately consult your family physician if your sonogram reveals a lump in the breasts or underarm area or such other symptoms of breast cancer or tumours as nipple discharge, tenderness, visual changes including the swelling or reduction in the size of the breasts, inverted nipples (which give them the appearance of having caved in) and pitting or scaling of the skin around the breasts (which gives the skin the appearance of an orange).

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