My Boyfriend Is Suffering From Severe Earache Right Now. What Can We Do To Stop The Pain?Ibuprofen And Mefenamic Aren't Working.


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Warm sweet oil. (You can find it in the pharmacy.) Warm it just a little.... (make sure it's not too hot!) and pour it in.

Another thing, I've never tried, but my friend swears by, is pouring urine (HUMAN urine, into the ear. She says it works every time. I think iccckk.
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I thought urine in my ear was gross too, but now I don't have an earache anymore. As much pain as I was in..... I would have drank it if you told me it would stop hurting!!!!!
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This probably sounds crazy I know but if someone you know smokes ciggaretts have them blow smoke into the infected ear this has been done to me before for my ear infection and it has gone away quit quickly

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