I Have A Severe Earache. It Has Given Me A Headache And My Jaw Hurts. What Should I Do?


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I don't know how old you are but it's probably time for tubes to be put in and not the kind you put in for swimming ..it is a surgical procedure to place them in the eusctacheon tube that runs under your jaw which helps hold it open and release the fluid back pressure behind the ear drum..at least that's the way I remember  partly of how they explained it to me when I had it done when I was around thirteen years and years ago...but since I am not a doctor you need to see a ear doctor(what they call a ear nose and throat doc) he will be able to tell you if it is necessary or not....I use to get ear aches all the time when I was younger and had ear infections all the time with ewwwwwww drainage...hope this helps
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For the first time I can remember, I had an ear infection after letting a tooth abscess linger, and believe me I have a new king size sympathy for babies with ear problems. It was extremely painful, and I never got full hearing again. I can say you are blessed for not having to experience full pain. I hurt so bad, I could not pinpoint what hurt most. Now when I see people giving their babies bottle feedings lying flat, I get all crazy. So again, you could hurt worse but make sure it is treated by medical professionals. Hope you do not have permanent damage.
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Try to clear your sinuses etc. In which builds up fluids n mucus in which to leads to all your symptoms. (Pressure...)
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Right. Sinuses are involved huh? Thanks
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Look up TMJ disorder.  You can get headaches, jaw pain, ear symptoms and associated pain from a misaligned or dislocated Temporo-Mandibular Joint.  Sometimes it's just a muscle spasm and can be treated quickly.

TMJ disorders can be the result of physical trauma, congenital malformations, or overactive muscles due to stress.

The doctors that diagnose and treat these issues are Dentists and Maxillofacial Surgeons for physical causes, and Stress Management counselors and Psychiatrists for stress issues.  

Do a google search for TMJ or Migraineheadache.com for more information
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Try to clear your sinuses of fluids ects in which leads to your symptoms with pressure and inflammation.

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