How Does Malaria Spread?


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The parasites that cause malaria are transmitted by a species of insects which are known as the female Anopheles mosquitoes. These parasites multiply within the red blood cells (which are commonly abbreviated as the RBC's).

These parasites cause the symptoms of anaemia, which also includes light-headedness, shortness of breath, tachycardia, etc. They also cause such general symptoms as fever, chills, influenza (which is commonly abbreviated as flu)-like illness and in severe cases, the person may enter the comatose state and it may also lead to his or her death.

The transmission of malaria can be reduced by preventing the bites of the female Anopheles mosquito by using mosquito nets and insect repellents. The spread of the population of mosquitoes, especially of that of the female Anopheles mosquitoes, can be drastically reduced and brought under control by spraying insecticides inside the houses and especially near the drainage systems, where the stagnant water provides an excellent breeding grounds where the female Anopheles mosquitoes lay their eggs. Malaria is a vector-borne disease. It is a contagious disease and is widespread in the tropical and subtropical regions. Currently, no vaccine is available for the treatment of malaria.
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Malaria is spread when a female mosquito bites a infected person and then lays her eggs. Her eggs then hatch and another female mosquito takes the blood.
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Mosquito bite
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Through sexual intercourse with primates and iguanas

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