How Does Herpes Spread ?


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What kind of herpes are we talking about? I'm going to assume it was genitalia. The only way, as far as I know, is by sexual contact. There are a few std's that are spread by other means by herpes, as far as I know, Is only by sexual contact. It cannot live outside our human body. Other forms are contracted other ways.
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You can catch herpes by having sex, touching somebody who is having an outbreak, sharing needles, and in some rare cases kissing can also contract herpes.
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Well buddy its your lucky day. I was just looking up the herpes simplex virus and I got a fountain of information for you. Ok,so basically herpes is a virus that can hide inside your nerves system. Fear not,it only hides there,it does no damage. However,the thing with herpes is that its very infectious. Once it shows on your body (skin,lips,eyes,genitalia) it forms cold sores,these sores are VERY INFECTIOUS. Basically any contact with them will spread the virus. Now if the virus is on the lips,it could be spread though kissing,drinking from the same bottlecancup of someone who has it,or any contact with the virus via hands,eyes,nose,etc. After you "heal" the virus goes back into hiding inside your nerves system. So basically,if you get herpes,you get it forever. THERE IS NO CURE FOR HERPES. Only symptom relief. But don't worry,herpes is not a big deal,more than 50% of the population has or will get herpes. Its very infectious. So basically you spread herpes by contact.
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There are two types of herpes: Simplex, and genital herpes.  Simplex is seen in the form of chicken pox, and I've heard Roseola in toddlers is a form of herpes simplex.  So that's one way to catch it.  The STD form of Herpes is "caught" by sexual contact with an infected partner.  There do not have to be visible outbreaks for you to catch this form of herpes.  The best way to make sure your partner or potential partner doesn't have genital herpes is to ask for a report from a lab.  He or she should readily agree if they have nothing to hide. The use of a condom can help but not always. Cold sores, or fever blisters, are another form of herpes...usually simplex, but the STD can be acquired through oral sex as well, and manifest itself on the mouth.  There are good products on the market now, that, when used at the FIRST SIGN of a break out ...can stop the continuation of the outbreak.  One I know of is Abreva.  They are a little pricey, but I know this one works. Incidentally, herpes "lives" in the nervous system, or in the nerves.  It is not curable.
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Herpes is the name for a virus which causes painful blisters and sores all over the body. There are mainly three types of herpes that can cause such sores. Simplex herpes; it causes both cold sores around the mouth. Genital herpes; herpes around the genital area and zoster herpes which can lead to chicken pox and shingles.

Herpes is one of the diseases that can spread very easily. Especially genital herpes can spread really easily. Any contact with the person who has herpes with the open skin can cause herpes. Like one's penis or vagina, cervix or anus or even one's urinal tract. Herpes can even spread when the symptoms have not yet started to show on the person carrying herpes. The chances of it spreading are more when the sores and blisters have started to show.

Herpes is usually spread through sex or oral sex. It can spread from one place on one's body to another. Herpes can also spread from a mother when she gives birth to a child.
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To begin with everyone stop panicking and sending mis-leading infor here.  There are 2 types of Herpes---Simplex (like you get around your mouth) and Zosta (gential herpes.)  They are not the same and are not really transferable during oral sex.

The only way to protect yourself 98% from Genital Herpes or (Genital Warts) is 2 ways:  1) ALWAYS use protection.  2)If you or your partner THINK you have it you need to be diagnosed by a doctor and get yourself on a daily dose of a product like Valtrex.

You can still spread and receive the herpes virus in between breakouts.  Good Luck!

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Herpes spread by physical contact.
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Yes you can. If you have herpies of the mouth and you give oral sex when you have a break out you can give that person gentiles herpies. So be careful.
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Zosta is shingles, not genital herpes or hsv 2, you can't spread zosta without a brEAK OUT AND ONLY TO PEOPLE WHO HAVN'T HAD CHICKEN POCKS

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