What Is The Treatment For Third Spacing?


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I assume you are referring to third spacing of fluids.  Sometimes, doctors wait and let the body work things out on their own.  A common treatment is albumin.  It is given intravenously and it is a protein.  It helps to pull fluids back into the blood vessels and helps to raise blood pressure.  Often when patients do too much third spacing, their blood pressure can become lower.  Albumin will help correct this.
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My daughter (age 32) has third spacing. The doctor she is now seeing is giving her lasix to treat it. The doctor herself is concerned that the lasix will lower her blood pressure however. Her blood pressure is about 96/60. It is my understanding that third spacing involves fluid accumulating in the spaces around the lungs, heart, abdomen, and lower parts of legs and feet. Isn't lasix used to remove fluid within the lungs rather than around them? Daughter's potassium level was at 1.8! HELP
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In reply to Anonymous' comment above: Lasix is used to remove all excess fluids and not only fluid in lungs or around the heart. If her potassium is already at a 1.8 I am surprised they are choosing Lasix and not a potassium-sparing diuretic. Also, ask for a potassium supplement, because low potassium is also counter-productive for the heart's efficiency. The blood pressure is pretty low, and fluid balance is critical to proper kidney function as well as blood pressure. I wish you the best of luck.

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