What Are The Reasons For Heat Treatment? Explain Normalizing.


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A metal is heat treated to give it certain desired properties some of which are as follows
-Softening the metal- annealing
- To harden it to resist wear, or enable it to cut other metals- hardening
- To remove some of the extreme brittleness caused by hardening- tempering

This is another important treatment which is carried out to give a metal some desired properties. It is used to refine the structure after it has been distorted by hammering or working when in cold state. It removes the strains in the metal. When steel is cold worked (hammered, rolled, and bent, etc. in the cold condition) the crystal structure is distorted, and the metal may be brittle and unreliable. Also, when steel is kept heated for a considerable period well above the higher critical point (as may often be necessary for prolonged forgoing), a growth in the grain size takes place, and when cool metal may have lost its toughness. If the steel is slowly heated to its annealing temperature, the structure is in the most refined state, and the normalizing consists of cooling it in air from this point.
In addition there are other various treatments such as toughening the metal to withstand shock etc

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