Can A Woman Have Children With Ovarian Cancer?


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Whether women can or cannot have children while suffering from ovarian cancer depends on what stage of ovarian cancer they are. If they have stage 1 ovarian cancer or what is also termed as 'borderline or low grade' ovarian cancer, they will have to have the affected ovary and fallopian tubes removed. Borderline or low grade cancer does not recur in most cases, and so the unaffected ovary is not removed. Such women can have children. However, if they have medium or high grace ovrian cancer, they need to have both their ovaries as well as womb removed. This is done in order to eliminate the risk of cancer cells being left behind if both ovaries and womb are not removed. Some ovarian cancer medicines are also known to bring about an early menopause. As a result such women cannot have children. So it is advisable to have a detailed discussion with your doctor before you start taking medication for it. If you plan to have children, you should stick to radiation rather than chemotherapy. However, discussing it with your doctor will yield better results, so you should always let your doctor know about your plans regarding children. Hope this helps.

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