Can Ovarian Cancer Cause A Constant Headache?


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I'm wanting to know if Ovarian Cancer cause a constant headache
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I have a constant headache for the past week. I have Ovarian Cancer post chemo now. I told my dr and she order a brain MRI for me. I think it's just in case it went to the brain area. You may tell your doctor and have a scan.
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I wouldn't think so. If you are diagnosed with it, then your doctor should have said something to you about it. Sorry I can't be of more help, but I think you should ask your doctor. Hope this helps, good luck and health to you.
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Actually anything that screws with your hormones can cause headaches or migraines.  Cancer, menopause, periods, etc.  Ask your dr. For something to treat the headaches like Imitrex or a preventative like Propananol.

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