How Common Is L5-S1 Herniated Disc?


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Its severe during morning wen I wake up and its there for 2 hrs or so and that a severe pain but later I the day it get milder...but its there throughout the day...its painful when I lie down and so not able to sleep throughout the night like I use to .whenever I turn sideways during turning it hurts
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Very common. Lots of hold in this area. As far as the pain being worse in the A.M. I have had this for about 25 yrs. Did the surgeries, etc. The reason for AM pain is because even though you don't get much sleep, at night we are laying down not moving around like during the day. We stiffen up. As the day progresses we are moving more, flushing oxygenated blood into the inflamed areas. I have tried everything, even terribly addicting drugs. I've found 2 things that work best. Before you get out of bed try stretching your body all different ways. Pull 1 foot up close to your chest while laying on your side, hold into stretch (gentle at first) Then remember to always do the other side, leg, to try and balance the muscle groups. You'll be able to tell where your real tight and need stretching. My other saving grace has been Massage /Acupuncture/Acupressure. For over 5K yrs the Far East has us beat in that dept. They don't push expensive drugs that just mask the symptoms. Learn EFT, it has changed my life completely. It is free to learn, works just like Acupuncture except there are no needles. Google it, you have nothing to lose except your pain,and stress! Namaste...EFT4MeDebi

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