If You Drink Too Many Redbulls Could It Result In Kidney Failure And How Long Would It Take To Effect That Body Part?


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Red Bull, one of the best known energy drinks in the world, helps increase one's level of alertness during strenuous physical and mental activities. This drink contains high amounts of caffeine--up to 80mg, which is about three times higher than the amount found in Coca Cola or Pepsi. The drink also contains 1000 mg of Taurine.

In a limited number of cases, Red Bull may have led to heart attack in people who drank large amounts of the drink at once. This is what may have happened to 18 year old Ross Cooney, from Ireland, who drank 4 cans of Red Bull. It is important to stress, however, that there is little conclusive evidence that Red Bull causes either kidney failure, or heart attacks. Some scientists, however, do have their suspicions and the sale of Red Bull has been suspended in some countries, like in France.

As a general rule, you must drink Red Bull with caution and do not have more than 500ml in a single day. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age, it is best to limit your consumption of this energy booster, or not drink it at all.
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I had 3 redbuls and contreu last night and this morning I had sore kidneys and cloudy pee.
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Without detracting from mackenzie's entirely accurate answer, it should also be noted that there is growing evidence of daily consumption (as with all caffeine drinks) confusing amino acid secretions, affecting natural energy levels, and disrupting other areas such as sleep patterns.
As little as one a day, if consistently taken as such, will have this effect within months, if not weeks.

Some also question if there exists some element of emotional dependency, noted in younger mothers particularly.

Finally, constant high levels of caffeine intake can have an impact on your digestive system, with a very loose movement being seen over long periods....needless to say, consult a Doctor in such event.
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I just met a guy he's 23 years old and he gets dialysis for his kidneys that stopped working. His doctor said do to malnutrition. This guy tells me he worked all day and didn't have time to eat, so he energized through Redbull about three big cans a day!!!! And there you have this 23 year old with no kidneys thanks to excessive work, lack of food and Redbull...
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For me caffeine doesnt really do any good at all. Its a nice pick up but in my experience its short lived and trying to go without it actually makes you more alert and fresh. Its still hard to ignore the temptations of coffee though, and a night on vodka redbulls at least helps you dance like an idiot :)
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As to kidney issues, see the attached article, which addresses this issue:

As to heart issues, anybody who has cardiac problems needs to be cautious with any caffeinated beverage.  It's no different than coffee.

However, there are healthy people who do not have heart disease, kidney disease, nor cardiac arrhythmias who can drink the product without incident.  

Combining the stuff with alcohol is just foolish.
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There was a guy that had too many Redbulls in one day and he was rushed to the hospital when he passed out because of the crash he had after the caffiene wore off. So you should really watch how many you drink because they can kill you, even if they don't cause kidney failure.
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I started drinking Red Bull regularly for about 4 years, one year ago, I began itching uncontrollably. This itching came about from histamine, but I did some research and went a step further. The reason histamine was giving me problems was because I was low on the production of a specific enzyme named Diamine Oxidase. This enzyme is made in the kidneys. If caffeine constantly taxes your adrenaline, eventually you will have a weak kidney function, and adrenals. Then you will have other health problems . I'm currently seeing if I can restore my kidney function through nutrition.

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