I Am Always Feeling Nauseous And Vomiting Feelings, What Could Be The Cause?


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I am always feeling vomiting sensation what should I do?
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Hai my name is radha I am working in corporation bank and my menstrual problem is now irregular and  I got married in july 2009 before marriage the monthly problem it is regular to me but after marriage it is not regular when the 5th month of the marriage my menstrual period it is blocked for 20 days in that 20 days I had a white discharge after that my regular period is correct and 9th month the same problem occurs and now 20 days happen I did not become period and I am feeling vomiting sensation for what purpose it is happening to me please give a suggestion to this question  please reply to the above questions
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Lost of appetite an upset stomach for a male
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We all need to know if your a women or a man to determine how to answer this question.
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Is there a posibility you could be pregnant? Having nausea/vomiting is one of the second signs of pregnancy. Say you had sex 7-10 days after your last period. Then you do have a chance to be pregnant. Otherwise there will be something that a Dr will have to diagnosis.

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