What Foods And Activities Should You Avoid If You Have Prostatitis?


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Prostatitis is a swelling caused by an infection of the prostate gland in the human male. Generally non-infectious in nature, prostatitis causes an acute pain in the testicles, and an inflammation in the same area, as well as in the rectum. The problems caused by the infection are a difficulty in urination, in defecation, and also in ejaculation. Antibiotics and other medication prescribed by an expert medical adviser will help find a cure for the condition.
It is believed that consuming plenty of high fiber fruits and green vegetables, whole grain breads, cereals, and having plenty of fresh water at regular intervals will help avoid the complications associated with prostatitis.
Furthermore, avoiding caffeine and alcohol and also carbonated drinks will bring relief. Try to do without hot and spicy foods like peppers, chilli, and salsa, and most especially when the symptoms and the pain and inflammation seem to have become worse. Take plenty of rest, and avoid stressful activities.
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I am happy with you response but could you tell me what fruits are high in fiber; which you suggest to eat. Since I usually do not consume theses types of fruit and I am not fimiliar with them. Also can I lift heavy loads of 10 pounds or more?

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