What foods should people with arthritis avoid?


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There isn't any medical evidence to suggest that certain foods should be avoided by people with arthritis.  

There are, however, a number of food items that people with arthritis have claimed makes their condition flare up.  Here's a few from that list.

Citrus fruits

Many arthritis sufferers tend to avoid citrus fruits such as lemons and oranges because they believe they make their condition worse.  In reality, citrus fruits contain plenty of vital vitamins and minerals that could potentially help to relieve the symptoms of arthritis.


Tomatoes are another no-no for many people with arthritis, although there is no scientific evidence to suggest that tomatoes would have a negative affect on those suffering from the condition.  As with the citrus fruits, tomatoes are another great source of vitamins that the body requires in order to relieve the symptoms of illness.


Last but not least, potatoes are often crossed off the shopping lists of those with arthritis.  It's difficult to say why people believe that potatoes negatively affect their condition, but as with the examples above, there is no evidence to suggest of any correlation. 

So what foods should arthritis sufferers avoid?

Ultimately, it's unlikely that any of the above mentioned foods will have a negative affect on arthritis.  

That being said, if symptoms do tend to flare up after the consumption of certain foods, it probably won't hurt to try not eating them for a short while.

The main issue with limiting foods from the diet is that you're then also limiting the amount of vitamins and minerals that your body receives.  If you're going to try to avoid certain fruits and vegetables, I'd recommend finding a good multivitamin to take daily.

Here's a video that provides an insight into another method of relieving the pain of arthritis:

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