How Do I Fix A Prolapsed Uterus?


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Uterine prolapse can be treated in a number of ways. One way is with the help of a pessary. A pessary is basically a rubber or plastic device that is inserted in to the patient's vagina. The pessaries come in a variety of shapes - they may be egg shaped, rectangular or otherwise. Some pessaries are first placed in the vagina and then filled with water or air.

A second method of treating a uterine prolapse is a vaginal hysterectomy. This is basically the surgical removal of the uterus. This is a permanent solution to the problem. Surgery is therefore the best way of treating uterine prolapse. A pessary will only solve the problem temporarily.

Uterine prolapse is basically when a woman's uterus shifts from its proper position and goes down in to her vagina. It may only shift slightly or may go all the way down. It generally occurs when the muscles of the uterus are stretched or weakened so that they can no longer keep the uterus in place.

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