What Is The Physiotherapy Treatment For Lumbar And Cervical Spondylysis?


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There are many ways of treating lumbar and cervical spondylosis. A physiotherapist uses magnet therapy to cure cervical spondylosis. Magnet therapy offers the most effective cures for spondylosis. The procedure of magnet therapy is that the magnets are applied to the neck and to the parts where pain might spread. Physiotherapy modalities may also help to a great extent. Neck collars are of a very helpful nature. Other treatments include regular exercises, yoga, and a healthy diet. Intense care has to be taken when dealing with spondylosis as too much manipulation of the neck may also cause death. Sometimes a surgery is essential in case the pain does not subside in spite of many treatments. There are various problems relating to the lumbar, each having their own way of treating it.
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Hello. I want to draw your attention to the fact that physiotherapy, like many other methods of treatment, has contraindications, therefore, only a qualified physiotherapist can carry out the selection of treatment methods, here is the site of a professional physiotherapist . Moreover, throughout the entire course of treatment, the doctor must monitor the patient's condition, sometimes correction of treatment is required.

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