I Don't Want To Take Anti-depressants, What Else Can I Do?


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Mark Westbrook answered
Anti-depressants do work. However, they usually have fairly strong side effects, ranging from mood swings to decrease in libido. If you don't wish to take them there are a range of alternatives.

Firstly, I would advise you to take a shower twice per day. Surprisingly, scientists have recently discovered that water, running water particularly has a positive effect on depression sufferers, it also means you are taking care of yourself which can be difficult when you are depressed.

Secondly, change your diet, cram lots more fruit and vegetables into it and loads more water, cut out alcohol entirely until you are feeling better.

Thirdly, exercise, this is the body's natural way to beat the blues, sometimes you will crash after the exercise, but keep it up, it will help your self esteem and your sleep patterns.

Fourthly, TALK, the talking cure may not help everyone, but speaking with a counselor having CBT or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can REALLY help.

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