What Happens To A Wart After Being Frozen?


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A wart is a small and rough growth that most often occurs on hands or the feet. It can closely resemble a cauliflower and a solid blister. They are most often caused by a viral infection and there are ten varieties of warts that can cause misery in humans. You can catch warts from another person as they are contagious and they most often enter the body in an area where the skin is broken. One of the ways in which people remove warts is to have them frozen. Freezing a wart kills the skin cells in them so they cannot grow or spread any further. After this treatment warts in most cases will begin to flatten out and disappear in two or three days.

Warts can make it difficult to walk and stand when they are located on the feet and they can distress when they are located on a visible part of your body. There are several types of warts that can inflict you including genital warts that can spread to your sex partners. If you find you have genital warts it is important that you seek a doctor's help to keep from spreading it to other people.

There are a number of other treatments besides freezing that can be done to rid a person of warts. One method involves topical treatments that include salicylic acid and they have a success rate of roughly two thirds in patients. Warts can also be controlled via laser therapy though the cost for this procedure is more expensive than the alternatives.

If you notice a wart anywhere on your body take the steps you need to rid yourself of this potentially painful growth. Freezing it, using a topical solution, or using laser therapy have all proven to be effective in halting the spread of this common malady that can affect people of both sexes and all ages.
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After getting the wart frozen, the skin will be red and will hurt. With hours, a blister should form. Under no circumstances should the blister be popped. The roots of the wart are being separated from the skin and thus should not be able to regrow. Blood may bleed into the blister. This is a result of the wart being separated from the blood vessels. Within a few days the blistering should go down and the skin will become hard. Do not pick at it. Within a couple weeks the skin and wart will die off. The skin may differ in color but it should return to normal and there should be not scarring. Depending on the size of the wart, it may need to be frozen more than once.
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Cryotherapy is the term given to removal of warts by way of freezing them. When you freeze the wart, it is supposed to kill off the skin cells such that they cannot grow or spread. This is a common wart removal method. You will find that after the skin around is frozen, a blister beings to form in roughly 3 to 6 hours. This blister which results usually flattens out in around 2 to 3 days.

Later, in about 2 to 4 weeks, the dead skin of this blister will proceed to fall off. Bear in mind that warts which are frozen on either the hands or the feet will generally be more painful compared to those which are frozen on other areas. However, sensitive areas such as eyelids, ears and your lips may be more painfully when the skin is frozen.
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I have a wart on my 3rd toe. I went to the doctors yesterday & took my 1st liquid nitrogen treatment. When the treatment was done, there was a whitish blister on my toe. It stings abit when i walk. Then today when i woke up & took a shower; afterwards, the wart on my toe was a bit larger, and it was purple. It got harder and hurts a bit when i move it. A while later, the purple area were darker and a spreaded a bit. I am wondering, is there anything wrong with it? Is that normal?
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Hey guys im pissed off because i've had a wart on my eye lid for over six months i just recently went and got it frozen but i got really impatient and peeled the hard shell that grew around it off and now i see the inside does that mean i will have to go get frozen again or will the shell go on it again
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After freezing a blister will form.  When the blister goes away, so does the wart.  Where the wart/blister was, will be a raw or open sore and you may need to treat it with Neosporin or Polysporin until it heals.  Your dermatologist will guide you through the process.
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Well sometimes they scab up and harden and eventually fall of, and sometimes it only irritates the area. You really want it to fall off, but even after it has been frozen and it falls off they can still come back. I had them on my hands as a kid and freezing them didn't work I had to have them surgically removed. After having them surgically removed they never came back. Hopefully something works for you.
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I went to the dermatologist yesterday and had a wart on my forehead frozen.  It was very mildly uncomfortable, but not actually painful.  24 hours later, as I'm writing this, it is black and hard looking.  No blister has formed yet.  The nurse said that the doctor really "blasted it hard" and she seemed a little bit surprised with how much liquid nitro he hit it with.  I'm hoping to see some change today, as I'm not really thrilled about walking around with this dead black thing on my face for a month.  I hope this does it and I don't need to go back again.  I'm uninsured, and this cost me $240.  Ugh...
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Depends on where it is, mine was on my foot. I got it frozen by my doctor under -360 degrees! Now, It hasn't come back YET after 3 months. It took me about 6-8 weeks after the freeze for it to fall off and fully go away. Only if you have a bandage on it, it will heal quicker.
Also, If yours is on your foot, or a rough skin surface, try using anti-chemicalized cream around it to smooth, but wash your hand with soap and water afterwards !!! Don't eat with the hand if it is on your hand.
Also, try to keep it as clean as possible! Its WILL fall off after being frozen for more than 10 weeks. Or dissolve away.
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I had a wart on top left of my eye just above the eyelid, I could see it in the corner of my eye every time I looked right, I hated it.  I had it frozen twice, that didnt work - very painful and my eye swelled like a golfball, I had it lasered by a laser that they use to remove tatoos didnt work - not so painful eyed swelled a little, when finally I had laser surgery done on it, had to get anestectic and everything, they literally burnt the wart off, didnt hurt, eye swelled like a tennis ball but it worked just a tiny unoticeable scar, no re growths for 12years.  There is a way to get warts removed without pain.
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Dr. Scholl' s freeze away contain salicylic acid solution and is used to treat planter/common warts. The redness of the area is side effect of the medicine. The swelling might be the allergic reactions of the drug. This is possible when a person is sensitive to ingredients like salicylic acid. My advice is to visit a doctor like dermatologist and discuss this problem. For more information, visit Dr. Scholl' s freeze away
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Hello, i had my warts freeze off yesterday but no blister is forming ,can anyone help me with this .Answer would be appreciated

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I had a wart frozen on my thumb last Tuesday. It was stinging, and painful like the first day or so but now it seems a lot smaller and flatter. When they freeze it makes it all red at first and swollen, but that wont last very long!

Although you should try wart removal, you can get more home remedies to get rid of warts of any kind.

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