How Do You Get Warts?


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Warts are small kind growth on the skin which are caused by virus, Human papillomavirus is the name given to the virus which causes warts. The appearance of the warts may vary depending upon on which part of the body it is growing. There are several kinds of warts such as common warts, foot warts and flat warts. Common warts usually grow on the area around the nails, on hands towards the back side and on the fingers. Foot warts are usually found to be growing on the soles on the feet. They are also called plantar warts. Flat warts grow on any part of the body but in children it is mostly concentrated on the face.

Warts are very painful and hence should be treated. Warts are transferred from one person to the other sometimes happens indirectly. The contraction of warts by touching hands, feet of people having warts is small. In children, warts subside automatically over a period of time. In adults, it does not subside at the rate at which it does in children.
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You can get warts by one-to-one contact with an infected individual or through indirect contact with various contaminated objects, such as towels, clothes, underwear, shoes, bathing facilities, etc. It is also possible that a person who has warts in a certain area has the infection spread to other on the body.

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