Well I Feel Sick Tired Weak Not Eating What Can It Be Please Help?


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Do you feel sad a lot? It could possibly be depression! :-(
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You first have to see a doctor and let them find what's wrong.I think it might be a fever or it's due to stress or depression.sometimes when you are stressed or depressed you have these symptoms.depression invovles a cannot eat,always tired,want to sleep.if it is depression or stress please see a doctor but first tell your mum or dad.
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This problem could in fact be triggered by a psychological issue, professionally we call them swings. Once a person begins to feel nausea they usually respond with minor levels of stress or fear of vomiting. Most frequently, the worst thing one can do when we begin to feel this way is to stop eating. These symptoms sound like symptoms of low sugar. Try sucking hard sweets or eating mints. If your problem persists then please visit your GP or healthcare advisor.

Dr. P. Brightmann (PhD, MedDip, MSc, BSc)
Source: Medical examiner and consultant.

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