What Does A Passive Aggressive Person Feel Like?


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A passive aggressive person is the one who generally does not share any kind of important information with anyone. Some of the important things about a passive-aggressive personality is that they try and move their way out of sticky situation and also being kind of showing themselves right. Some of the common way of their talking style is "You never told me to do it that way."
Passive-aggressive behaviour is deliberate, and you are almost certainly not the only one on the receiving end. It can be recognized by looking for an outline of reliable behaviour. This kind of behaviour is not any kind of accidental act. It definitely takes a whole lot of time and energy to get things just so. It is very close to impossible to win over someone like a passive aggressive person. It is even very difficult to change his ways.
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I had a therapist tell me this is a dangerous personality type because they are so unpredictable. For instance, when conflict arises, they may be agreeable on the surface, then afterwards slit your tires. The scary thing is they feel justified, in their actions. In my experience, they are rarely reclusive, more likely bosterious, charismatic people. That's my experience. Also they have very distorted opinions on right and wrong. I mean they take a small bit of info. and twist it or blow it out of proportion. Good fortune.
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I have the disorder, and I have worked dam hard to get help...  I'm frightened by it, because Its hard to control it..   I am getting CBT counselling,  but has anyone looked throw the eyes of a passive?  Or is it just the victim?

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