If The Liver Cells Of An Animal Have 24 Chromosomes, How Many Chromosomes Do Its Sperm Cells Have?


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I think it's 12. Because every single cell in the body (skin, liver, kidney, etc.( all have the same genetic code from two people (your parents). This genetic code in each somatic (body) cell is 2N in math form which means 2 genetic codes, or diploid. The sperm has to be N (one genetic code) because the sperm unites with the egg which is also only one genetic code or N and N(egg)+N(sperm) =2N (the baby with a diploid genetic code). So since the liver cells have 24 chromosomes which = 2N, solve for N and N=12. And that's the number of chromosomes in the sperm, because the sperm can only have one genetic code.
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If  24 is the diploid number of an animals  chromosomes ,then due to meiosis ,the sperm cells will contain the haploid number of 12.
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Liver cells divide by mitosis. This leads to the formation of daughter cells with the same number of chromosomes as the parent cells. That is, both the parent and the daughter cells have a diploid number of chromosomes in them.

Now, sex cells like sperm cells undergo meiosis to divide. As a result, they have half the number of chromosomes than the parent cells. Thus, they have a diploid number of chromosomes.

The diploid number for this particular animal would be:

24/2 = 12

Therefore, the sperm cells of this animal would have 12 chromosomes.

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