Can Cysts On Your Liver Be Dangerous?


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Cysts are not severe disease. It depends what type of cysts you have. Doctors must have asked for biopsy. If the report is clear then nothing to worry about. As you told that you feel pain in your stomach so it is better to operate it. There are just minor surgeries for that and now laser treatment is also available for this.
Best of luck buddy.
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Cysts on the liver are very common. Your doctor will probably do a biopsy to be sure. My sister has several cysts on her liver that they are not going to remove and she is doing very well. There could be other reasons for your stomach and side pain. You are in my thought and prayers.
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I don't know about cysts on the liver, but I know that cysts on the pancreas can be life threatening. Go to and type it in the search bar.
This site is wonderful, there is a wealth of health information there. Hope this helps, good luck!
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Just a thought but I also had stomach pain side pain an shoulder pain and it was severe gallstones I had surgery to remove it and it was really stuck on my liver and I was jaundiced all over but better on removal , I know you have been diagnosed with the cysts but have you considered asking your gp about the other pain and gallstones

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