What Types Of Doctors Treat Lymphedema?


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Lymphedema is unfortunately not the most medically recognized problem in the world and hence you might have some issues in finding doctors that are able to treat lymphedema. Indeed, it can even be difficult to find doctors that diagnose the condition as well. If you know that you have this condition, however, then there are some kinds of doctors that you can look out for. Whilst there is no real recognized doctor that is going to accept your lymphedema condition, there are some doctors that may be more open and willing to talk about the issue and provide you with a clear diagnosis and help with treatment.

One such kind of doctor is an infectious disease doctor, to deal with the ill health and cellulite issues that come along with lymphedema. Plastic surgery doctors are often considered to be more willing to be accepting to the lymphedema condition, so these are sometimes good to talk to when you know you actually have the condition and you have been diagnosed.

Once you have been diagnosed, however, you need to ensure that there are doctors around you that are going to be able to help you. People who have this condition will tell you that you need your own 'lymphedema medical team'. You can build up your own 'medical team' to help you with the issue by getting in touch with a number of local, and non-local, doctors that will be able to help you in your times of need. You should of course see your family doctor first to find out if they would be willing to help out. On top of that you should get in touch with other doctors so that you know you will always have a contact when you need help.
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The types of doctors that treat lymphedema are called occupational therapists or physical therapists. These doctors, namely occupational therapists or physical therapists, are specially trained for the purpose of treatment of lymphedema.

The treatment of the disease which is known as lymphedema actually beings with the patient's family physician refers him to the specialist (that is, to the occupational therapist or the physical therapist) who is specially trained for the purpose of treatment of the disease which is known as lymphedema.

The types of doctors that treat lymphedema, who are either called occupational therapists or physical therapists, first performs a thorough evaluation of the patient and attempts to determine a baseline of his or her sensation, pain, range of movements or motions, strength, the integrity of his or her skin and the extent to which there is swelling. Then he or she draws up a plan to reduce the amount of swelling and improve the ability of the patient to function properly.
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