After My Boil Was Lanced And Drain, I Still Have A Small Lump, Does That Mean I Still Have The Staff Infection?


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It could mean they did not get the core out. Watch this area closely so it doesn't build up with infection again if it hasn't already. Take a raw potato and and scrap one side of it to get the juice present. Place over the boil and secure it with kling wrap or anything you have to hold it in place. Leave on overnight and remove in the morning. It will draw out the core and the infection. Continue this for three days and if it doesn't get better by then you may want to see your Dr again.
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I just went through dealing with a cyst near my eye.  It was lanced once, after about a week, I ended up with a bump much like you describe.  It was red, though not very large or painful.  The cyst was again lanced, releasing much more abscess than the original infection.  After the 2nd lancing, I started can hardly tell the boil was even there (other than a bit of scabbing).

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