Red Ring Around A Bump With Puss In It?


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The diagnoses for you condition would depend on the type of bump it is. If it is a bump with a white head that excretes pus when squeezed, it is most likely a blemish or pimple. Another common possibility is that it is a boil. Boils are extremely painful, but usually harmless. Cysts are similar to acne, and can cause similar symptoms. The red ring might signify a mild infection under the skin.

Constantly touching or squeezing acne, boils, and cysts can cause it to become infected which is how the red ring would develop. Avoid touching acne and boils for this reason. Another possibility is it could be an infected ingrown hair. When hairs are pushed under the hair follicle, their growth becomes abnormal. When the hair grows ingrown, it cuts into the skin creating a potential for infection. Squeezing and touching an ingrown hair makes infection more likely.

Another possibility is that it is a spider or insect bite. In this case, the red ring could be an infection or venom. Only certain types of spiders and insects have venom. Some venom is harmful to people. If you think you have been bitten by a venomous bug, you ought to see a doctor. Bites are usually treated easily. A fungal infection can also cause these symptoms. Tinia is an example of a fungal infection that is capable of producing your symptoms.

Common names for tinia are ringworm, jock itch and tinia faciei. Tinia faciei occurs on the face and usually caught from a pet.  If you suspect you have a bite or fungus, you should see a doctor. Herpes can also cause these symptoms. If you have had herpes in the past, this is a likely cause. Oral herpes can be treated with over-the-counter medicine. Herpes on other parts of the body should be attended to by a doctor.

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