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There might be a number of reasons for kidney infections. Basically if your body resistance is low definitely the germs will travel up to the bladder takes the way to the kidneys and will stay there and re divide. Infection may be chronic or acute. In case of acute the infection starts rapidly and suddenly came to an end. But for the chronic infection development takes place slowly and gradually it becomes worst and hangs on. Therefore the chronic infection leads to kidney failure.

Causes of infections:
Different conditions like diabetes, pregnancy, cancer, kidney stones and some abnormalities of the urinary tracts lower your ability to fight the bacteria and this result in kidney infection. One common reason for the infection is the tubes that are inserted through the urethra to drain the bladder known as Foley Catheters. They cause infection if left for a longer time period. The symptoms of the infections are fever; pain, upset stomach, low back pain, vomiting, chills, a constant need to urinate or inability to urinate at all, sometimes there is blood in the urine. These symptoms appear very fast as soon as one gets his/ her kidneys infected.
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Women, especially who are pregnant are more prone to kidney infection rather than men.

Also there are some other factors which can make you more at risk such as obstruction at the urinary tract, weakening of immune system because of HIV, diabetes or side effects of some particular treatments, prolonged usage of urinary catheter as well as kidney stones some conditions which alter or block the urine flow at the kidneys.

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