What Is Purple Nails Symptom Of?


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Can be a sign of poor circulation, Reynaud's Disease or other health issues that you should start by asking your M.D. The nails are sometimes the first sign of health issues that many doctors do not pick up on unless trained to. Sometimes what one has for an ailment can cross over and cause problems in more than one health area, another reason to ask a doctor. Don't have one, check your phone book for a clinic for a sliding fee scale way of paying, doctor referral through your local hospital, or a family/friend who has a good doctor. You may be more comfortable that way and have the heads up on what kind of doctor they are ahead of time. Some are good at getting to the root of things and some just pass things off. If you are just being passed off and feel it is more than they are stating, get another doctor. Some times moving on is the only way you will find what you need when you meet up with a resistant doctor (one who thinks what you say or find out is of no use to them or they are just not willing to be open to anything but what they think-muct know it all and they do not). Remember to be your own advocate and do not stop trying if you honestly feel that there is something wrong, you are the only one who knows when you feel off or not well and that something is wrong. Doctors base what they feel is wrong (some will tell you it is all in your head and dismiss things when you know otherwise so it is your job to push till you find someone who does listen) off what you tell them and some listen better than others and actually do something. Good luck!,

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