What are the symptom of syphlis?


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It is possible for people who have syphilis to not experience any symptoms at all for many years. What symptoms you experience depend on the stage of the disease you are currently in.

  • Primary stage

People who are in the primary stage of this disease may experience symptoms such as a single sore but there can be several. The time between initial infection and appearance of the first sore can be anywhere from ten to ninety days. The sore or sores are firm, round, and painless in most cases and will appear at the spot where syphilis entered the body. These sores will last from three to six weeks and will heal themselves. If they are not treated, the disease will progress to the next stage.

  • Secondary stage

People in the secondary stage of the disease will develop skin rashes and mucous membrane lesions. The rash can be spread over the body and for the most part do not cause itching. Sometimes the rashes are so faint they are not even noticed by the person who has the disease.  Other symptoms of this stage can include a sore throat, hair loss, headaches, weight loss, and muscle aches and fatigue. Without treatment at this stage, the disease will progress to the next stage.

  • Late stages

This stage begins when all symptoms from the primary and secondary stages disappear. This stage can last for years and can take place as late as fifteen to twenty years after the disease was contracted. At this point, damage to major organs such as the heart, eyes, nerves, and liver are taking place. It can lead to a gruesome and painful death if treatment is not sought in the initials stages. If you or someone you know has any of the symptoms, it is important to seek help from a medical professional as soon as possible.

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