Why Do People Commit Suicide?


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People commit suicide because they can. I'm being serious. If it's an option, if it's the only way out, why not do it? If I committed suicide I'd like people to remember me for who I was, not who I became. Imagine being in a state of mind where suicide is your only option. It would be heel. How can you blame someone if they want some peace in their life. My dad left my mom 2 years ago. She committed suicide 5 months ago. I don't blame her. If anyone could have seen her they would have understood. So, if you have someone close to you who has committed suicide, don't blame them. Love them forever and treasure your memories of them.
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For a variety of reasons.   Terminal health diagnosis, financial ruin, unrequited love, harassment from others, upcoming public exposure of something you don't want others to know (criminal convictions, criminal actions, secret of your past, etc.).

Others can commit suicide because life is so hard -- or at least it seems this way.   Depression can rob people of the will to continue as each and every day is the same.   If you are born with an imbalance of brain chemicals, then SSRIs or other antidepressants may help.

Otherwise, the only other option (talk therapy) can seem like too little too late.
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Sometimes you get tired
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People committ suicide because they feel hopeless and helpless and are probably suffering from depression. It is NOT a cowardice act... It is very devastating to the survivors left but it takes a lot of fearlessness to committ the final act...Think about it!
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Well normally its depression or they are just going through a rough time and can't take it so to make the pain leave they take their life which is really sad!! I knew someone who did it but they were drunk and they had a fight with their girlfriend and it just went horribly wrong!!
So if your ever thinking of doing it. PLEASE don't DO IT!!!
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The real answer is become it is a sickness and cannot be helped. I have a nurse neighbor who is wanting to commit suicide regularly. I get so sick of hearing this. Sometimes I just want to say....I have a bottle of sleeping pills, do you want them FREE of charge? But, I don't. It is NOT the correct thing to do.People who want to commit suicide KNOW what to do to get the JOB accomplished. The others who fake my neighbor... Do it for attention. But the serious ones are SICK.Because it is a sickness, I still believe people go to Heaven. God is all forgiving and a sickness is something that cannot be helped. God knows who is bull$hitting.
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They feel it's the only way out when they feel trapped, alone, depressed, etc.  I've been depressed and suicidal since I was 12 years old, and have been cutting since I was 14.  The reason for my self harm was because I felt it was the only way to relieve pain, and my suicidal thoughts started when I was getting bullied almost every single day.  There are a number of reasons people want to kill themselves, ranging from bullying to emotional stress or even PTSD and many others.  Often it's an escape for them, because in the mind of a suicidal person, because of everything they've been through, they feel the only way to end their pain is to end their life, when there really is so much you can do to make you feel better, because taking your life shouldn't be an option. You're perfect the way you were made<3

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A lot of times because there depressed, but thats not always the case. I found out millions of people in the world are on/in need of anti depressant prescription.
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Sometimes a claimed suicide is not really a suicide, like in the case of the British guy who was said to have committed suicide in woods near his Oxfordshire home, after he threatened to release information that proved the War On Terror was a fraud...
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The main reason, Just feeling sorry for themselves. Suicide's forever don't forget that. Do you think you'll be able to look back and see all the people feel sorry and mourn for you. It ain't going to happen a few weeks after you pull the plug they'll be saying what was his name again.
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Suicide is not feeling sorry for oneself.It's wanting to end pain of living,feeling alienated and misunderstood.Having lost loved ones,divorce,loss of a child,personal abuses in your life that were never resolved that have left you scarred.Also in my situation I'm Autistic which is a misunderstood disorder and there's liitle if any support for adults who are Autistic.Feelings of suicide is not feeling sorry for oneself.
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People often commit suicide if things are not going their way for a long time. When they are unhappy about something and just give up the life they are leading because they cannot go through all the trauma anymore. These people often suffer from deep depression and are very confused in life. There might a million reasons why a person gives up his life. It could be loss of a lover, poverty, unemployment, failure, drug overdose and many other reasons. People also commit suicide when they are suffering from a disease and they do not enough money to recover from it and instead of dying of pain that will be following after a certain while after the disease, they often kill themselves.

Suicide is an immoral and an unethical act. People who think about committing suicide are losers and shall remain one until they clear their conscience. Millions of people go through troubles in their life; this does not mean everyone should kill themselves. God has given us this life. It is our duty to preserve it as you might be the lucky one. Only God has the right to take away your life. If you go against God's wishes and take your life, you shall burn in hell for the rest of eternity.
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Bella Nova
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No offence, but if I were you - I would check that Bible. Not everything that God says is true. So perhaps you should think hard before you judge people like that. Personally, I think that you're the coward because you only listen to what God says, if you were brave perhaps you would be able to look at it from a different angle.
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U 2 anonymous blurters NEED to get names or something if it dog and cat...caused I am confused who is saying what...but one thing I am clear on is......if u don't want to know the answer and be openminded then do NOT ask the question.....just sayin
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That second paragraph is IGNORANT to say the least. Give Christians a bad name why don't you. God judges man according to the heart. Not a sickness that alters the mental state of a very troubled person. Who are you to judge. Have you never read about that in the bible? I agree "Go read a book and educate yourself regarding the matter.
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Committing suicide is an act of cowardice according to me. People who don't have guts to overcome hiccups in life commit suicide.
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You dont know what you taking about how can you say a coward.i found my brother only a few weeks ago who commited suicide he was a quiet loving caring person who saw good in everyone ,he couldn't stand the people in the world who are causing destruction ,when we were cleaning out his home we were astounded by the amount of work he actually studied for international bible school.Its people like you who condem other people.He was mentally sick depressed and schizophrenic.Not a coward.
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So...all those people who jumped out of the towers in 9/11 are cowards who are going to hell?

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