Should People Commit Suicide? If So, Why And, If Not, Why?


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Dipasuresh, your full of it. If I had a best friend or someone to talk too life might not be as miserable.
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Yes and no the only time to commit suicide is if you are in  a life and death situation for example in the roman times there was a place (can't remember the name) that was going to get invaded and when the invaders were going to come they were going to kill and torture everyone there so the people committed suicide cause they didn't want to go through that.what I just described is the only time to suicide but you really shouldn't do it because life is too precious we only get one chance and if we mess it up then well thats it...but really don't suicide yes there are times to like the one I described but still its not always a good idea.
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Suicide is committed by those people who are cowardly, who cannot face problems, and who lack self confidence and self esteem. It is an extreme step, and must never be attempted.
Whenever you feel sad or lonely or depressed, you must make sure that you talk to people, go out, meet others, and generally try to overcome whatever problem may be plaguing you at the moment.
On the other hand, if you feel that you are overwhelmed by your problems, seek help immediately, never let it lie within you.
Talk to a close friend, or someone whom you trust fully: it may be your best friend, or a counsellor, or a favourite aunt. Communicate your problems to them, and hide nothing. You know, talking in itself will lessen the burden that you feel, and when you seek professional help as well, you can definitely get over your problems and face the world once again with confidence.
No matter what you do, remember, suicide is not an option at all. After all, each one of us has been put into this world with some specific purpose, and we cannot leave this world without finishing what we have been put here to do.
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Suicide is committed by people who have lost hope; they may or may not have issues with self confidence, esteem or courage. For the record, I think it is a disservice to those trying to understand this issue of mental health that you have characterized suicidal people in the way that you have in this answer. Not only is it inaccurate, one might consider how a suicidal person reading this answer might feel even more hopeless about their life because of your characterization.
i aint tellin monoh
Well said. Death is not the answer.
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Commiting suicide is mostly running away from wont solve anything . start thinking positively .There are too many problems than the one we have hence we should thank god for what we have and try to get better
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No people should not end their lives. Why? Because God says it's a sin...
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Oh so you do whatever a man in the clouds say?its a sin in the bible to have sex but people still do it.

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