What Is Posterior Acoustic Shadowing?


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The term posterior acoustic shadowing is defined as a sonographic feature. A sonographic feature is defined as a feature which is revealed by a sonography. Posterior acoustic shadowing is a sonographic feature which is most commonly associated with malignancies in the mammary glands. However, this sonographic finding, namely the posterior acoustic shadowing, can also be seen with benign lesions in the breasts.

The sonography conducted on the breasts has now become an indispensable tool in the process of evaluation of lesions in the breasts. Even though the sonography which is conducted on the breasts plays different roles in the process of imaging of the breasts, the most important role which is played by breast sonography is, without doubt, the characterisation of the lesions that develop in the breasts. There are sonographic criteria which help the doctors to differentiate between benign lesions and ones which are questionable and thereby need to undergo biopsy.

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