How Do I Increase Low Pulse Rate?


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A low pulse rate can rather strangely be either a sign the person is very physically fit or it could actually be concerning and a symptom of a medical condition such as bradycardia.

When trying to treat a low pulse rate, or increase it as you've requested, it may not be necessary to do anything if the reason your pulse rate is low is down to the fact you regularly exercise and so are in good shape. However, if it is down to a medical condition there are certain medications that can be taken or even pacemakers could be fitted to aid pulse rates.

The main causes of a low pulse rate are as follows:

• Regular exercise decreased your pulse rate
• Bradycardia
• Hypothyroidism
• Previous heart attack
• Issues with senatorial node

The main treatments of a low pulse rate are as follows:

• Medication such as epinephrine to increase heart rate
• Pacemaker
• None if you are simply physically fit

If you have a low pulse rate but don't regularly exercise or view yourself as being very fit, it is certainly worth going to the doctors to be checked out. It could well be nothing to be concerned about but it is always a better policy to be safe than sorry.

The doctor should be able to work out the cause of your low pulse rate rather quickly and so it can instantly put your mind at rest rather than having to trawl through symptoms and causes that could give you a lot of undue stress and anxiety.

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